Bradford & Bingley Building Society PPI Claims

By | September 30, 2017

Bradford and Bingley was originally two Yorkshire-based building societies that merged to provide better financial security and a better service to their customers. Their TV advertising featured Mr Bradford and Mr Bingley – both in bowler hats! They were later taken over by Santander bank following the banking crisis in 2008.

If you were sold financial products such as loans, mortgages or credit cards by Bradford and Bingley then you could be entitled to a PPI refund. Of course not all financial products sold by Bradford and Bingley included PPI.


If PPI was included in your loan or card agreement then you should investigate to see if you might be entitled to a PPI refund.

There are many criteria for PPI mis-selling and you should explore all mis-selling possibilities. This would include for instance if you were not made aware that PPI was optional or felt under pressure to sign up or if for instance the policy was not suitable as you already had a medical condition or if you were not in employment and loss of employment was covered.

You can contact Santander and make a claim. The address to write to is

Bradford & Bingley PPI Complaints
PO Box 6197
Milton Keynes
MK10 1UY

You can use the ombudsman PPI download form or can make a claim using a PPI template letter for Bradford & Bingley to the address above.

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