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Britannia Building Society payment protection insurance (PPI), which also known as loan repayment insurance, credit insurance or credit protection insurance was designed so that the borrower could make repayments to Britannia Building Society if they were unable to earn income to service the debt for instance due to becoming ill or unemployed. This shouldn’t be confused with income protection insurance which is not usually attached to a debt.


PPI was widely sold by Britannia Building Society as an add-on to the loan or an overdraft product. If you were sold PPI and didn’t need it or it was added by Britannia without tour consent or knowledge or if it was unsuitable for your purposes and needs then you may be able to claim back the payments you made for Britannia Building society PPI using a simple template letter.

Britannia PPI template letter

Britannia Building Society PPI usually covered payments for a minimum of 12 months, this gave the borrower enough time to find alternative means of making repayments such as going back to work or recoveering from illness. Time is irunning out so don’t delay even if you are not quite sure about your PPI claim. Download a PPI template letter, complete it to the best of your circumstances and return it to Britannia Building Society PPI claims department.

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