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Britannia Building Society PPI

Britannia Building Society payment protection insurance (PPI), which also known as loan repayment insurance, credit insurance or credit protection insurance was designed so that the borrower could make repayments to Britannia Building Society if they were unable to earn income to service the debt for instance due to becoming ill or unemployed. This shouldn’t be… Read More »

Coventry Building Society PPI Claim Template

Coventry Building Society is one of the building societies that hung on to their building society status and did not de-mutualise. It is now the second largest building society in the UK.   If you bought a financial product from Coventry Building Society then you may also have had PPI. Not all PPI was mis-sold… Read More »

Standard Life PPI and Annuity Claims

Standard Life Annuity & PPI Claims Standard life have had to make provision for both claims for mis-selling PPI and mis-selling annuities. The particular problem with annuities is where they failed to tell people that they could get a better rate of payment on their annuity due to ill health.   People with poor health… Read More »

Black Horse PPI claim form

Black Horse PPI Claim Template Black Horse is part of the Loyds TSB banking group, specialising in loans for car, motorbikes and caravans. A very high percentage of PPI claims have been allowed for mis-sold payments protection insurance. PPI was mis-sold if you didn’t know you had it, if it was added without your express… Read More »