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Britannia Building Society PPI

Britannia Building Society payment protection insurance (PPI), which also known as loan repayment insurance, credit insurance or credit protection insurance was designed so that the borrower could make repayments to Britannia Building Society if they were unable to earn income to service the debt for instance due to becoming ill or unemployed. This shouldn’t be… Read More »

Interest on your PPI refund

Many people have claimed back PPI either by making the claim themselves or by using a PPI claims management company. There is some confusion however that some people are having to pay tax on the money they have received. Here’s why… Why is there tax deducted from my PPI interest payment? If your bank has… Read More »

Cheltenham & Gloucester PPI Claims

How to claim back Cheltenham & Gloucester PPI If you believe that your Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) Policy was mis sold by Cheltenham & Gloucester Building Society, it’s easy to make a PPI claim to C&G direct – remember that  a claims company may charge an upfront fee for making your claim for you and/or may take a proportion of any… Read More »

PPI Claims Deadline

Following pressure from the banking industry, a deadline for claims has been set as August 2019 for people to make PPI claims. In return the banks would finance a widespread advertising campaign to tell people of the deadline. Although there is considerable advantages in this proposal to the banks – it would enable them to move… Read More »

PPI claims – the financial Ombudsman

PPI Financial Ombudsman Letter If you wish to claim for misselling of PPI (payments protection insurance) or any other financial product then the Financial Ombudsman service can help you .  According to the Financial Times between April 2011 and April 2012 there was a rise of almost 30% in complaints received by the ombudsman service.… Read More »

Fines for PPI misselling

Banks fined for PPI misselling The current opportunity for consumers to reclaim payments protection insurance from financial institutions follows on from a number of big companies being fined for treating customers unfairly in the selling of PPI. These fines were mmainly issued in 2007 and 2008 by the Financial Service Authority and reflect the scale… Read More »

Black Horse PPI claim form

Black Horse PPI Claim Template Black Horse is part of the Loyds TSB banking group, specialising in loans for car, motorbikes and caravans. A very high percentage of PPI claims have been allowed for mis-sold payments protection insurance. PPI was mis-sold if you didn’t know you had it, if it was added without your express… Read More »