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PPI – no reply received template

If you do not receive a reply to your initial letter within 8 weeks, then you need to chase up the PPI provider. Your letter to them, or their reply may have got lost in the post, or they may just be slow at processing your claim. Although the Ombudsman has put in place an… Read More »

Was your PPI missold?

Many people have PPI – payment protection insurance, but not everyone is entitled to claim back their payments. PPI claims are only valid if the policy was sold to you inappropriately. This would include the following situations: You were not informed that  payment protection insurance was automatically included in the financial product. Your consent was… Read More »

Barclays PPI Claims Template

Barclays PPI template letter Barclays have set aside £1 billion towards settling mis-sold PPI claims. They suggest that people who feel that they have a valid complaint against them should complete the official ombudsman’s ppi claim questionnaire. If you believe you have a valid claim for a Barclays PPI refund then you should contact them… Read More »


MBNA PPI claims template Following the decision of the BBA not to appeal against the Judicial Review concerning PPI complaints, MBNA have offered their own MBNA PPI template form for you to make your claim for a refund.