Cheltenham & Gloucester PPI Claims

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How to claim back Cheltenham & Gloucester PPI

If you believe that your Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) Policy was mis sold by Cheltenham & Gloucester Building Society, it’s easy to make a PPI claim to C&G direct – remember that  a claims company may charge an upfront fee for making your claim for you and/or may take a proportion of any compensation you are due.

Cheltenham & Gloucester undertake to deal with individual claimants as fairly as those made by a claims company on your behalf. You can use a free Cheltenham & Gloucester claim letter template and make the claim yourself.

If you are not sure if you have a valid claim there are some questions to help you decide if you might have a valid claim:

Did C&G explain the full cost of PPI when you took out the loan?
Was it clear to you that PPI was optional?
Did the salesman check your medical history?
Did Cheltenham and Gloucester ask you if you already had payment protection cover?
Did you know that PPI policy was added to your loan?
Do you think Cheltenham & Gloucester treated you fairly?
Did they check if you were entitled to sick pay from your employer?
Were you unemployed or self employed at the time?

Contact address for Cheltenham  & Gloucester Building society is:

Cheltenham & Gloucester PPI Claims, Chief Office, Barnett Way, Gloucester, GL4 3RL 
0800 001 5264.
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