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PPI Claims Letter HSBC

HSBC is one of the biggest financial institutions facing claims for refunds of missold PPI. Like other sellers of financial products, HSBC has sold PPI policies that people did not need, want or require. Again, like other providers, HSBC have put in place a simple claims process – you can use a HSBC PPI claim letter template, the ombudsman PPI claim form or just write to HSBC.

Up untill 2008 HSBC sold the following types of PPI policies

  • Cardholder Repayment Plan
  • Personal Loan Protection Plan
  • Flexiloan Repayment Protection
  • Mortgage Repayment Protection
  • Small Business Loan Protection

If you were mis sold any of these PPI policies by HSBC you may have a valid claim against them. You should not delay but get together all the relevant information and submit your claim

Contact HSBC direct

The HSBC PPI claims address is:

PO BOX 6177

HSBC claim that they will handle your complaint in the same way whether you complain in person or via a claims management company and undertake to reach a decsion within 8 weeks of receiving your complaint.  You can write a simple HSBC PPI claim letter detailing the information about your case. You should include, the date the policy started, the amount you have paid and are claiming back, interest on that amount and details of why you think HSBC miss sold PPI to you. You can write your own letter or can use a standard HSBC PPI claim template form. If you are not happy with the final decision you can write a letter to the Financial Ombudsman. The address is – Financial Ombudsman Service, South Quay Plaza, 183 Marsh Wall, London E14 9SR

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