Northern Rock PPI claims

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Northern Rock, based in the North East of England had a strong customer base in Newcastle and the rest of Tyneside and surrounding area. Unfortunately, having taken the rocky road of demutualisation it found that it was too exposed to financial pressures surrounding the 2008 sub prime mortgage crisis and so effectively had to be rescued by the government to stop it going out of business.


Many people in Newcastle and surrounding areas who had a mortgage or other loan with Northern Rock had PPI attached to their loan. Often this was mis-sold so it may be that if you had Northern Rock PPI you may have avalid claim. Prior to 2008 many people had taken out PPI alongside their Northern Rock mortgage or other loan and some of these people may have been victims of mis-selling by the company. You can use a Northern Rock PPI template letter or their own Northern Rock PPI claim form. There is no prescribed format – as long as you provide all the relevant information about your PPI claim, the format is irrelevant.

Northern Rock PPI claim template

If you were a customer of Northern Rock then you may well have a valid claim for a refund of PPI due to you. Claims for PPI are being handled by Northern Rock Asset Management (NRAM) You can send a PPI claim form to

Northern Rock PPI Claims
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You can access their PPI claim form and Norther Nrock PPI enquiry form here

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