PPI Claims Deadline

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Following pressure from the banking industry, a deadline for claims has been set as August 2019 for people to make PPI claims. In return the banks would finance a widespread advertising campaign to tell people of the deadline. Although there is considerable advantages in this proposal to the banks – it would enable them to move on, close down their claims departments and thus save money, their would seem to be little real benefit to consumers other than an icreased awareness through the banks highlighting this.

Banks should already have written to all customers telling them that they’ve been mis-sold PPI, but to date it does not seem that all banks have complied with this. Many people are still due a PPI refund but have not yet applied and it is likely that there will still be many people who are due a refund who will not claim by the required PPI claims deadline date?

PPI Claims Scotland

In the meantime, many banks have missed the deadlines imposed on them by the financial ombudsman to clear their own backlogs of unresolved PPI cases

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