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If you were sold PPI when you were already unemployed or new that you were about to become unemployed then you may have an unemployed PPI claim for mis sold PPI. You can use our PPI template letter for unemployed. With economic times being as uncertain as ever, PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) can be a useful type of insurance to have. PPI is effectively an insurance policy that will cover loan repayments not just if an individual is unable to work due to sickness, but also if they become unemployed. Having PPI in place means that not just assets are protected and the loan is consistently paid, but also a credit rating for the individual will be unaffected, which can be just as important.

Making PPI claims for the unemployed can be extremely complex and of course the banks and loan organisations will avoid paying out if they can. This is only natural, but if a claim is legitimate then they certainly payout, which relieve the pressure on the individual immensely, to a point where they will not longer need to worry about their financial commitment to the loan which is always a big stress.

If you were unemployed at the time you took out the PPi insurance you probably have grounds to claim a refund as you are probably not eligible to make a claim under the terms of the policy. Find out the address of the bank or other institution that sold you the policy and then use an unemployed PPI template letter to make your claim.

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