Santander PPI Claims – Template Letter Form

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Santander PPI Claim Form

Santander undertake to acknowledge receipt of your PPI claim  within 5 working days and to respond to your complaint within 8 weeks as set out in FSA guidelines.

For complaints about mis-selling of PPI by Santander, Abbey or Abbey National you can telephone to register your complaint at 0845 600 6014  (make sure you have all relevant paperwork to hand before you call) or you can write to the Santander PPI claims address:

Santander PPI Claim Complaints, PO Box 6197, Milton Keynes, MK10 1UL.

If you would like to send a Santander PPI claim  template form you can download a form from their website here

If your complaint is upheld and you are offered compensation, Santander undertake to pay that compensation to you within 14 working days of receiving your acceptance (faster than the 28 days offered by many other companies). Santander has set aside £540 million towards paying out for payment protection insurance compensation. If you are unsure whether you have a valid claim or not please check out all the details on our site.

If you have a Abby National PPI Claim the form is exactly the same as above since Santander took over the  Abbey National building society some years ago and so are liable. Santander PPI claim form.

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