Standard Life PPI and Annuity Claims

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Standard Life Annuity & PPI Claims

Standard life have had to make provision for both claims for mis-selling PPI and mis-selling annuities. The particular problem with annuities is where they failed to tell people that they could get a better rate of payment on their annuity due to ill health.


People with poor health are likely to live less long and so can often get a better payout rate. In particular this is where people had saved for their annuity with standard life and then automatically took out an annuity with standard life at their pension date without shopping around. contact standard life to see if you are entitled to make a Standard Life annuity claim.

PPI Claims

Standard Life have also taken a big hit with PPI claims. Contact Standard life if you believe you are a victim of Standard Life PPI mis-selling. Yopu can use a standard form PPI template letter to send the details of your claim to Standard Life.

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